Posted on November 19, 2012

How to Get Startup Ideas

Live in the future and build what seems interesting.

After reading Paul Graham's essay, I wholeheartedly agree with his methodology on getting startup ideas. I have been bruteforcing myself into thinking up ideas that might be great startups, but in a very undirected manner and letting my mind wander wherever it took me. It ended with mostly futile attempts. Instead, Paul recommends that one should be in the lead of some rapidly changing field and train your brain to notice things that you yourself needs. The best plan of action is to just keep a background process running, looking for things that seem to be missing.

A good way to trick yourself into noticing ideas is to work on projects that seem like they'd be cool. If you do that, you'll naturally tend to build things that are missing. It wouldn't seem as interesting to build something that already existed.