Last updated on November 19, 2012

Why You Should Try Learning Online

Recently, I chanced upon this TED talk by Daphne Koller that talks about her website Coursera. She brings forward the point that knowledge is processed more effectively by students in the online classroom than a typical lecture hall. You learn at your own pace, have quality peer-to-peer discussions, self-graded assignments, from the best universities for free.

I'm quite amazed at the selection of computer science courses that are available. I've already signed up for a few courses:

  1. Human-Computer Interaction - Stanford
  2. Functional Programming Principles in Scala - Martin Odersky (creator of Scala)
  3. Software Engineering for SaaS - UC Berkeley
  4. Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes - Princeton

There are 120 courses available currently and increasing. I highly recommend you to check it out.

How I Traverse the Internet

Here's a list of websites that I visit daily for my internet fix:

  1. Reddit - Social user-curated news website where posts get upvoted or downvoted by users.
  2. Hacker News - A website very much like Reddit but content is focused specifically on hacking and startups.
  3. Techcrunch - Web blog about technology news and analysis.
  4. GitHub - The web-based hosting service for open source projects.

I use Flipboard on my iPhone4 to subscribe to "Tech" news and I save unread articles to Pocket to read it later either on my iPhone or Macbook.